Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Parade

When I was a girl we often had an Easter picnic if the weather allowed. And sometimes even if it didn't! It's not unusual to have our last snowfall of the season at Easter in NM. But not this year! The weather promises to be perfect for some of our most beloved traditions.

From bonnets and baskets, to bunnies and bird's nests, here is a parade of some of our favorite ways to celebrate the season. (Come to think of it, I've never actually been to an Easter Parade. Have you?)

I hope it's a lovely Easter weekend for you too!


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Accessories of Life

I just recently saw this quote posted online, "Life is cheap. It's the accessories that kill you." But the accessories don't have to kill you either if you love to thrift shop.

Something new from thrifting is always getting tucked in somewhere around our house. It's a way of life. Sometimes I know it will always be mine, like the new marmalade jar that was my favorite find in Lubbock, TX recently. But forever is a long time. Who can say?

I scooped up this delightful basket last week. It's auditioning under a table in the sitting room. (But baskets almost always get a permanent position around here.)

I'm constantly thinking about sewing custom basket liners, but about as far as I ever get is draping a pretty vintage linen towel or such over the edge.

I placed this large doily over the back of this chair two days ago to finish drying after the wash and decided I liked the view from here.

These little garden scatter tables are most likely destined for sale, but so handy for next to the couch in the meantime. (They have to set somewhere!) 

A sweet new clock from the TX trip. Already a favorite.

This new addition to my transferware babies is only two days old! 

The very last thing I was thinking was that I needed a sweet old etched mirror leaning against the hearth! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I like it here. (For the moment.)

I bought the last two of these ruffled shams at LaurieAnnas in Canton. She had them as seat cushions on a porch swing at the front door. The first thing I laid my eyes on. They are a heavy soft weave of linen and cotton, and when I looked at the label I saw that they are from Pinecone Hill. You can have some too! Here's the link.

This is the view of the spring sitting room taken through my kitchen pass-through window. The sofa is in the foreground. 

The faces of home may (or may not) change with the weather.
 But give me a life with plenty of accessories attached!

I hope it's all happening for you this week!
So nice that you came by!


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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shops We Love~ A Little French Style

My new issue of Victoria Magazine came today, and since we have a perfectly sunny, warm, and windless day, I took it out onto the patio for a break with a glass of iced tea. I had to stop and pore over the Shops We Love section that features Vintageweave Interiors. So many things to love! And how many of us were inspired by this standard feature in the old Victoria's to begin shopkeeping ourselves? Or at least want to!

The pages made me want to dress up the place, and dust off some of my own patio urns. Nothing so rare and wonderful as the shop things shown, but close enough!

from Victoria Magazine

from Victoria Magazine
Love the displays!

I'm also showing you a couple of recent buys from my travels today, but one of my fab finds turned up soon after I got home. This wonderful old ironstone bowl for one dollar at a local fleamarket! What a welcome home!

I brought home two dinner plates in the Furnivals Quail pattern at a good price. Couldn't resist!

These are my little bunnies from LaurieAnna's at Canton.

. . .with a few more quail eggs for the season.

I have tons of catching up to do, but it's so nice to stop for a tea and magazine break!

Now, back to business. . .

Hope you're headed for a great weekend!


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