Friday, July 3, 2015

Country Colors

I hope you're having a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! Whether you're having a big or small celebration I hope it's festive for you. We're just grabbing what's easy for the few people we have stopping by.

This vintage tablecloth always comes out in the summer. It's quite old, and so it only gets a workout a couple of times of year. The colors are fresh and lively for a cheery picnic.

I'm thinking red, white, and blue, of course, and happened to have a pot of flowers that fit the bill!

I am using my flower pot napkin rings and pot saucers as coasters for a mini theme. It's the perfect time for mason jars too. These are the reproduction version that seem almost neon colored to me. I like the soft blue vintage kind better but don't seem to have any right now! 

 Not long ago all of the little girls were here climbing the trees for cherries. They have all scattered in different directions now, and I like thinking about each of them when I sit down to eat at this tablecloth. This setting also makes me feel all "thirties farmhouse" which is a fun feeling for me. The rooster crowing over the fence in the neighborhood helps with that too.

Sitting out under the trees can get you thinking of simpler times. Funny how much we romanticize what had to be such hard times. (The thirties.) But today I just want to feel peaceful and thankful and wish the same for you too!

So glad you had a minute to stop by!
Seems like it's such a busy time for everyone in summer. I know I have been away from the dear old blog for a while myself! But thanks so much for stopping by to say hello!

Happy Days!


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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Serving Up Summer

We spent a good part of the official first day of summer under the cottonwood trees. Even on hundred degree days the mornings are nice.

I felt like having a few iconic country things around in celebration, like this chippy old farm chair. I like to find them just this way with the old paint just barely hanging on in places. 

When I gathered up this painted watering can a hornet flew out. I found that odd until I saw that a paper wasp's nest had begun inside. An old watering can (or two or three) is a country basic too.

My Queen Anne's Lace (or Cow Parsley as I love it called) is still hanging on even in the heat. But after all it is basically a weed.

I recently found a number of serving things for out under the trees of summer. A ceramic pitcher in a classic ironstone form (but much lighter), for instance.

I found this enormous beautiful vintage tole tray just yesterday. The booth lady suggested that it could be a table top all on its own, it's that large. I love the way that painted trays are sometimes autographed. And barely a scratch.

A new little bundle of linen came home too. A towel with an elegant scalloped edge and monogram. 

A delicious linen hand towel with interesting lace.

And an oh-so-artfully worked pillowcase with trim a foot long!

And now we have the quintessential serving cart to join the circle. It begs the soft southern lady accent to go along with it, don't you think? I found the china trays on it for a bargain in the same place. Now all I can think of is lawn parties with frothy white cakes! Even the man of the house noticed how pretty it all was as he stepped out for lunch under the cottonwoods!

The pink and grey details on this transferware platter have a Frenchy feel to moi. (No mark.) 

So airy soft and summery.

With graceful tendrils in the corners. 

But I never even noticed this eensy bee detail until I saw the photos. It surprised me every bit as much as a hornet flying out of a watering can!

Nothing very special has happened. But I am left with delight at the first real day of summer, and I wonder at how many of those days my vintage companions have served up before . . . .  

Happy first day of summer, y'all!


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Friday, June 19, 2015

Bushel Basket Of Beauty

Before I got off to another busy weekend I thought I would show you a few of my recent finds.

One is this beautiful vintage curtain panel with fringe. It was only a couple of dollars and had a deep natural tea color from age. Since it was such a bargain I decided to test out my soaking skills and it passed the test beautifully! Just an overnight soak in the washing machine set to "hand wash" with Woolite and Oxyclean.

A new vintage bowl is tucked inside.

Too big and heavy for a bushel basket, this cement urn is one of my happy finds too. I have been looking to add more interest in the patio and garden spaces this summer.

One of my scrumptious lacey finds is this net lace bedspread. I am leaving the aged color for now.

I need to show it better another time, but it has this terrific deep ruffle at the edge. YUM!

You may have seen this dish pattern before. I once had a platter of it that I sold and regretted ever after. A pair of bowls found together for a real price tempted me a little too much, so they came home with me. So darn cheery!

What you are seeing here is a beautiful deep crochet edge to a full size sheet. There are so many ways to re-use a vintage/antique item like this, but it will look wonderful displayed on my vintage ticking mattress for now.

I literally squealed when I found this pretty wash stand pitcher. I had already passed it up without seeing it because it was filled with awful colored fake flowers. I can't believe I almost missed it! Love the mums and all the extra details.

Vintage laces make such beautiful liners for baskets. . . .

Even if only on a temporary basis!

Not the latest find, but wanting the spotlight on this pretty transferware bowl to keep my new big jug company for the shoot. 

Can't wait to get out there looking again!

I hope it's a great weekend for you!

So glad you stopped by!


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