Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Old Welsh Dresser

I hope everything is going well for you a week before Christmas! I finally got the busiest room in my house all ready for action. In a small house all the rooms serve many functions, and that is certainly true of my dining room at the center of our home.  We have a teeny kitchen, so this room also serves as an extension for kitchen storage. And that is exactly the original purpose of a Welsh dresser!

These cupboards and shelves hold an unbelievable amount of stuff. And no matter how full the dresser gets I always find room for more! It all got a nice dusting and shifting around for the holiday.

I have referred to this piece of furniture before as an English cupboard or sideboard. Same difference. But this time I am displaying "A Child's Christmas in Wales" to make it official. Lots of cards and odds and ends will also get tucked in here as the weeks go by.

I have added a few fresh greens and just a touch of red. Nothing could feel more festive!

You might as well come on in for a good look! I don't think you would see more of the details if you were here to visit in person! It feels like I left no stone unturned. The chippy metal lockers have turned out to be a great storage item there on the right. Tons of things tucked away including all my dried hydrangeas. (Decorators have lots of special storage needs.) And all my wrapping stuff is piled on top. 

We just brought in a small green tree that smells so fresh! When it is done it will slide right out the door behind it. Needles are just part of the wonderful mess. And you wouldn't believe how crowded with people this room gets!


A few laces here and there.

I just love the softened look of a few added greens. Doesn't take much.

I have chosen an understated bird theme amongst the greens, with a few nests, eggs, and bird motifs.

I saved the Pottery Barn wrapping paper that I scored last season that I love so much. I put a few scraps into small inexpensive vintage photo frames to enjoy it close up again.

A few vintage ornaments perk things up.

And a pile of lovely old woven towels.

So glad you stopped by for a visit!

"Love and Joy come to you. . ."


Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting That Holiday Atmosphere. . .

Suddenly Christmas Day seems so close! On Friday, two weeks away seemed to yawn ahead. I sometimes wish there was more celebration between Christmas and the New Year like there was in the Old Days. Visiting would only begin on Christmas Eve and last all week. 

I've begun playing carols on Pandora in the background. Some beautiful new versions of old favorites. Really gives me a lift! Our sixty degree weather changed almost overnight for a high of 45.  The overcast day made these photos very fuzzy and full of what I'm going to call "atmosphere."

Our big holiday will happen early, with family coming in this weekend. So a few more tweaks with the decorating and then down to serious work getting the house ready! 

We always need extra seating, and I thought that this antique French chair with needlepoint would look nice in this corner against the white. I am always talking myself out of re-upholstery because I admire the needlework. But I found a perfect Battenburg lace to lighten up the appearance for now.

I pulled out the Dicken's village for the first time in years. None of the delightful extras have been added yet. Trees, fencing, lamp posts, carolers, etc. The children enjoy adding those touches when they visit.

We had our first viewing of It's A Wonderful Life on the tube last night, so with all the music, decorating, and shifting around, the season feels officially underway. Like the fuzzy lighting, full of plenty of atmosphere. . . .

Busy days ahead!

 I hope you find time for some warm and fuzzy too!

Wishing you a lovely and joyful new week!


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Friday, December 12, 2014

Decking Up the Bathroom and Our Little Shower Redo

We are doing some entertaining this weekend. Are you having company too? I thought I would dress up the bathroom just a tad. Not something I usually do. But I have always loved the idea of a touch of Christmas in the powder room. I suppose I am usually busy running around getting other things ready!

Turns out that it doesn't take much to do. I hung up some of my prettiest linens and then tucked in a sprig of greens. I spent a minute chasing down a bit of red ribbon, but I'll have to add that later if I come across it soon enough.

These were tucked away in a drawer just asking to be brought out for a party!

The light is coming from a skylight directly overhead lending an unexpected softness to this corner of the bathroom. This little stool is usually here with a more utilitarian look.

I brought out a small embroidered cloth that I had kinda forgotten about since I only use it during the holidays. Perfect for the theme.

I have a mini renovation going on in here that started out slick and spare with a sort of spa vibe. What was I thinking? Ha ha! 

After I added a ruffled curtain to go with the new shower stall, I realized what direction I really wanted to go.

We had a glass shower door removed along with pink and turquoise ceramic tiles. I would show you the before pictures, but I wouldn't dream of ever having anything so ugly put up on the blog! But here are a couple of "after" shots.

The river stones add a nice earthy vibe. (I have called this a little shower redo, but in reality we learned that two exterior walls had to be rebuilt in order to re-tile. OUCH!!!)

Greens in a pitcher fit here nicely.

And a little Frasier Fir soap and candle add to the ambience.

A few vinatge linens can add so much!

A nice and simple way to say welcome in the loo!

Lots of activity going on from here on out!

 But at least there's a little tranquility to escape to! 

(only half  kidding . . .)

I hope it's a wonderfully festive weekend for you!


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