Monday, March 2, 2015

Adding A Touch Of Farmhouse Style

Until I encounter the French grain sack original, my new Downton Village stand-in will do the job.

I thought I would like a few more cushions with graphics on the sofa, but for now this is as much pattern as I want. A little goes a long way.

I like this space without too many distractions. Usually with just a few necessary items close at hand on the table.

It's a reading room by day, and for watching the real Downton Abbey at night. . . .

There is ticking on the reverse of the pillow, and I may add some more of that. A stripe is a little less busy, and I like the old farmhouse feel.

The old French armchair has stayed in this room since the holidays and I had to try the new pillow out on it too!

I think the Dowager Countess from Downton sits on a similar chair in her study. I tossed a vintage cloth with a net lace hem over the seat for the photo. One of my more recent finds.

A couple of wicker covered wine jugs add to the country farmhouse illusion. The graphic behind the twig wreath is another Jeanne D'Arc Living paper design. I got both the paper and the Downton Pillow here at Vintage Market & Design.

Welcome to March!
Hope it's a great new week for you!


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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Buckets of Snow

If you're finished with snow look away! I'm sure we have a lot less snow than you probably do, but when this all appeared overnight I saw that my collection of watering cans and garden buckets had been transformed.  

Snowcone anyone?

And the urns and pots look all dressed up for a snow ball.

How pretty can you get?

My piles of junk now look like an art installation.

My buckets of snow.

An old rustic stool with a puffy white blanket.

And all around the house. . . .

It's snowing more already, but ours won't last long. Gone by the time March comes roaring in.

Thanks for coming by to see our version of the white stuff! 

Happy Weekend Ya'll!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spring Fever

I just can't keep away from the garden nursery because this is the sort of thing that greets me at the front door!

Love this vintage retro rack with the black letters and numbers.

The stylist here (Osuna Nursery) does a great job of giving us a look almost never to be found on the streets of Albuquerque. Too early to see anything like this popping up in front yards. But it's not a typical look in an area where xeriscape is popular in the landscape anyway. (i.e. Reducing or eliminating the need for watering--think rocks and cactus, which can be beautiful, but come on. . . Some people call it zero-scape in error.)

But it's all great for getting a hit of spring, and lots of decor ideas.

Happy Spring Fever everyone!


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Monday, February 23, 2015

Linen Closet China by Lenox

I wonder if you know this china series by Lenox China. I had never seen it before I found three different pieces together at a flea market a few days ago. At first I thought they might be very old ironstone. They are quite heavy like that and aged looking.  

But they have just had a lot of use and show it. Don't fall in love, because the patterns shown here have been retired by the manufacturer. A few pieces are still around to buy, but they are crazy expensive. Still, if I beat you at finding any at a great price, I'm going to snap them up!

All three designs are from the Linen Closet line and resemble old embroidered linen. The first I am showing is called Floral Wreath. I have an antique linen remnant running down the center of the table to carry the theme against a drop cloth table cover. A few collected nests make a centerpiece. 

The next pattern on show is Braided Scroll. I actually have a linen runner that looks very much like this design.

Scrumptious detail.

Finally there is this design called Linen Weave. Perhaps you can see that the surface has a texture that looks exactly like the real thing!

The chips and spots make it look a hundred years old. They will all look wonderful hanging together on the wall or displayed on a shelf.

At the same market I was lucky enough to spot the latest of my marmalade jar collection. The oldest sample I have yet.

I just love layers of linen. The grey linen napkins shown here are from Williams-Sonoma.

Our weather has turned bitter cold. More like the Frebruary we're supposed to have. So we're just keeping cozy and dreaming of spring.

I hope it's a great new week for you!


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